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Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine continues to unfold, and it has cost many lives and sent millions of Ukrainians on the run. It is challenging food supplies in Ukraine, and it is putting pressure on food supplies to Ukrainians who have fled the country.

That is why Danish Crown donates 1,000,000 meals to the victims of the war in Ukraine. The meals consist of canned foods, so there is both a long shelf life and it does not have a need for cooling.

The donation is made in collaboration with the International Red Cross, which makes sure that the meals reach the people who need them most.

- We are all horrified by the dreadful scenes that are currently taking place in Ukraine, which have created a humanitarian disaster. For many years we have had good relations with many different people from and in Ukraine. Among other things, our owners, the Danish farmers, have Ukrainians employed on the farms, and much feed has been purchased in Ukraine. We also have many Ukrainian employees in the Danish Crown Group, especially in Poland where our subsidiary Sokołów is situated. Danish Crown will of course help where we can, and it is obvious for us that securing meals for some of the many victims is where we can do the most, says Thomas Ahle, CFO of the Danish Crown Group.

The employees are proud to be able to help

The 1,000,000 meals come from the Danish Crown factory in Vejle. It takes 12 trucks to accommodate the many canned foods that have to be transported from Vejle to the eastern Poland, where the Red Cross has a warehouse.

This means that the employees at the factory in Vejle are working on getting the logistics in place so that the meals can go. Henrik Redmond, employee representative at the Vejle factory, says that even though it is a bit of extra work, people walk around with a smile on their face because they support a good cause.

- I am really happy that we at Danish Crown donate 1,000,000 meals to Ukrainians in need. It's a terrible situation and we all want to help. We have also raised money at the factory, but where we can really make a difference is with our meals. The cans are easy to store and can last a long time. If it means some extra work, we employees are of course more than ready to help, as we always are, says Henrik Redmond.