Bacon experts
More than 100 years of expertise
With more than 100 years of expertise in producing bacon, we see ourselves as being the true bacon experts.

We use our long standing experience to convert consumer insights into innovative products and consumer benefits, both for our branded business, as well as for our customers’ private label business.

You can purchase both sliced and diced bacon from us.
Canned meat
We deliver luncheon meat, chopped pork, ready meals, paté and canned sausages. Our canned products are sold in metal cans but we also offer a selection of products in plastic cups that are easier to handle, to open and that can be closed again. The plastic cups also offer the convenience of being microwaveable.

The majority of our products are sold under the well known Tulip brand, but we also take pride in delivering private label solutions to some of the leading retailers of the world.
Cold cuts
We offer a wide selection of cold cuts made from chicken, beef or pork.

We are the proud suppliers of lunch box solutions for generations of young school children and their parents.

We present a large selection of different cold cut variations with pork, beef and poultry.
Meat balls
We specialize in making both traditional Danish pan-fried "frikadelles" and, more globally recognized, oil-fried meat balls.

Our Tulip “frikadelles” are known around the globe for its good taste.
Tulip topping goes on millions of pizzas every year.

We supply large international chains as well as small individual stores through distributors.

We have a large range of products that goes on both traditional Italian inspired pizza well as an Amercian Deep pan pizza - ranging from fermented products such as salami and pepperoni to tender beef and pork products.
Our factory in Svenstrup, in the north west of Denmark, is producing world-class salami, and has a long tradition of developing quality products. This is why we are proud market leaders in several markets in both Europe and Overseas.
Slow cooked
Tulip’s Slow Cooked products are all cooked so that the juice and flavour of the meat is kept in the packaging until it is to be prepared at home and therefore the big taste experience is secured.

Our slowcooked assortment is not just classic pulled pork and spareribs, but stretches into other flavours and includes both pulled turkey and pulled chicken.
Our snack assortment consists of many delicious meat-based snacks for various occasions.

Salami snacks in different shapes and sizes for the tapas plates, salami sticks for the break, soft salami chips with cheddar or chili flavor for the picnic.

Latest news is a crispy snack range consisting of a crunchy bacon-nut mix, airdried crispy salami chips and oven baked premium pork cracklings ideal for the football night, the Friday bar - whenever the need for a bit salty and crispiness arises.
Our soups are sold under the Mou brand, which has been the natural choice in Denmark for years.

Our products are based on traditional methods, which guarantees a superior taste that we want to share with people all over the world.

Our selection includes classic soups made from chicken or beef as well as specialty soups like tomato- or asparagus soup.