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Danish Crown Foods A/S  is a company based in Denmark. We sell products in more than 120 countries and have more than 100 years of experience in making high quality and good tasting products. Our most famous brand is ”Tulip” but we are also known for our Mou soups and Steff Houlberg sausages along with other brands. We are a part of Danish Crown and together we create a more sustainable future for food.

We are deeply conscious of our responsibilities and want to take the lead in the quest for better animal welfare and sustainable food production so that we can deliver our products in more than 120 countries with a clear conscience – from farm to fork.

We believe the future holds an even greater focus on high quality, food safety, animal welfare and importantly, sustainability. We want to embrace the responsibility of producing food more sustainably and securing a strong foundation for future generations – environmentally, socially and economically.

The waste from our factories is transformed into biogas, which is used as a clean source of energy for Danish households.


Is the year that Danish Crown Foods can be traced back to.


is the number of employees at Danish Crown Foods.


Our brand “Tulip” was first registered in 1909, making it the oldest brand in Denmark


Each year, we sell 150 million canned meat products. Stacked on top of each other, this is more than 1,500 times the height of Mount Everest.

Our products

We are well-known for our products around the globe and are world champions in Food Safety. With more than 99,000 annual analyses and 2,000 visits from the authorities, Danish Crown Foods A/S wears this title with pride. We sell a variety of different products around the world. This include Tulip bacon, canned meat, cold cuts, meat balls, pizza toppings, salami, slow cooked, snacks and soups.

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Our factories

Danish Crown Foods has 15 production facilities located in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. All our factories meet the most strict requirements in terms of food safety. By advanced technology, we can track any product's road from farm to fork.

Danish Crown Foods is Europe's largest supplier in the categories of bacon and pepperoni. Approximately half of the products sold by Danish Crown Foods are marketed in the Nordic countries, while the other half is distributed worldwide.

From the foothills of the highest of mountains to the deepest of rainforests, Danish Crown Foods' products are sold and we ensure nutritious and tasty meals even in the most remote parts of the world.

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As part of Danish Crown, we take responsibility – for our products, for our customers, for the environment and for our employees, both those employed by Danish Crown, Danish Crown Foods and those employed by our suppliers.

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