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Danish Crown Foods (formerly Tulip Food Company A/S) is behind several of the most famous and popular brands, when it comes to bacon, pepperoni and other pizza toppings, cold cuts, sausages, soups, ready meals, meatballs and canned meat.

The brands include Denmark's oldest registered trademark Tulip, Mou, GØL and Steff-Houlberg. Danish Crown Professional (formerly Tulip Foodservice) is also one of Denmark's most popular suppliers for canteens, restaurants and public institutions.

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Our Brands

  • 15 production facilities

    DK: Aalborg, Svenstrup, Vejle, Esbjerg, Bramming, Herning, Kolding, Thorning, Aabenraa and Skagen.
    D: Oldenburg, Dinklage and Schüttorf.
    NL: Haarlem
    S: Jönköping

  • Danish Crown Foods in numbers

    Revenue: Approx. DKK 10 billion.

    Employees: Approx. 3,500

    Activities: Production and sale of fresh and processed foods for the domestic market and more than 80 countries worldwide.

Danish Crown Foods' subsidiaries

Danish Crown Toppings

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+45 8688 0013

DC Trading Co., Ltd.

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+81 3 5501 1211

+81 3 5501 1220

Pølsemannen AB

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+46 36 585 1750

+46 40 680 0889

Danish Crown Foods Sweden AB

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+46 3165 5050

+46 3165 5059

Danish Crown Foods Germany GmbH

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+49 554 360 30

+49 554 360 75 – Foodservice, +49 554 360 76 – Retail/LEH

Danish Crown Foods Japan Ltd

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+81 098 860 4100

+81 098 860 5828

Danish Crown Foods France S.A.S

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+33 139 30 55 00

+33 139 30 55 19

Danish Crown Foods Italy S.r.L.

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+39 02 89 04 601

+39 02 89 04 6050

Danish Crown Foods Haarlem B.V.

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+31 235 310 223

Danish Crown Foods Norway AS

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+47 7394 9400



The first Danish co-operative meat company is established in Horsens, now known as Danish Crown. One year earlier, a private slaughterhouse called Tulip was founded in Vejle.


Tulip registers the famous three tulips as a trademark in Denmark – the first trademark in Danish business history.

Mid 1900s

Via several mergers and acquisitions, the Danish meat industry grows rapidly with Tulip as a central player. In 1998, Danish Crown acquires full ownership of Tulip International (known as Danish Crown Foods A/S since 2020).


Danish Crown Foods A/S was appointed as purveyor to the Royal Danish Court and our brand Tulip has proudly been using the Royal Warrant around the world for many years. To be appointed as purveyor to the Royal Danish Court, the company must be well-reputed and have an established record of being a supplier to the Royal Court over several years.


We acquires two major companies, DK-Foods and Baconspecialist Zandbergen, and subsequently becomes the biggest European supplier of both pepperoni and bacon.


Today, Danish Crown Foods A/S  handles both processed and fresh meat and is present all over the world.