Part of the problem,
part of the solution

Climate change and global warming are the greatest challenges of our generation. It calls for political and personal action. And it calls for action within our industry, the food industry. Today, farming and food production is responsible for great amounts of CO2 and methane being sent into the atmosphere. We need to do better. We need to find new sustainable solutions and ways of working.

Finding solutions now is crucial to meeting the demands in the not-so-far future: In 2050, according to the United Nations, there will be approximately 10 billion mouths to feed. We must offer them a sustainable alternative, so they can eat meat in responsible quantities with a clear conscience.

What is sustainable food production?
Practicing sustainability within food production is about climate and much more. Production should be non-polluting, using renewable energy and using natural resources at rates that do not exceed the capacity of the earth to replace them. Also, sustainable food production should be economically responsible, safe for workers and consumers and should not compromise the needs of future generations.

Industry professionals are key

The transition is already well on its way with consumers increasingly demanding food with a lower climate impact. As an industry, we are slowly but surely responding to these demands – but even better, we should get ahead and proactively drive sustainable change by giving our customers in supermarkets, bars and restaurants an opportunity to order food produced in a sustainable way.

All food industry professionals are key. We must take action where we can to lower our climate impact, by;

  • Choosing raw material partners that work ambitiously with the climate transition
  • Developing meals with climate impact in mind
  • Using meat of the best and most sustainable quality
  • Using meat also as an ‘umami’ and taste provider in your dishes
  • Eliminating any food waste by structured planning and clear working processes
  • Minimising the use of packaging in the kitchen
  • Reducing numbers of orders per week so that products can be packed in bulk packaging, thus reducing overall packaging required
  • Sorting packaging materials into the right channels for recycling
  • Encouraging your customers to make conscientious choices
  • Using many different ingredients, to support production of diverse food ingredients and raw materials

Serving a sustainable future for food

More than 130 years ago, Danish Crown was founded as a collaborative of dedicated Danish farmers with a mission to serve quality meat. Shortly after being founded, the UK became our first export market – and today, our products are sold in more than 130 countries.

All over the world, Danish food production is known for its food safety and high quality. We will not compromise on these standards, but we are ready to raise the bar even further. Today, we are already among the world’s leading suppliers of organic meat and pork from pigs raised without any use of antibiotics.

The leaders of change

Finding new ways for more sustainable farming and food production is a major challenge for our entire industry. One that we are facing together. That being said, we recognise that with market leadership comes responsibility to drive change and showing the way.

In 2018, we hosted and facilitated the MEAT2030 sustainability forum, enabling stakeholders and partners within the industry and from all over the world to come together for change.

Simultaneously, at Danish Crown, we are following our own sustainability strategy holding our farmers, abattoirs and every other part of our production to high standards and goals for sustainable transformation.
The vision is clear: By 2030, we want to reduce the climate impact from our Danish Crown farms by 50 percent compared to 2005, and in 2050, we want to produce meat that is completely (net) climate neutral.

Farmer’s following the Climate Track

A key task towards a more sustainable food production is joining forces with our skillful farmers to rethink and reinvent how they work at their family farms. We have developed a farmers’ program named the Climate Track, which is a sustainability programme certified by an independent agency. By following the Climate Track, they map out their current status, set development goals within environment and climate, energy, animal welfare and antibiotics as well as social responsibility – and then step by step deliver on those targets.

Farmers following the Climate Track have already made great progress by investing in small initiatives, such as LED lighting and energy saving fans in the stables, and larger initiatives, such as increasing the already high percentage of locally produced feed and frequent slurry leaching to reduce the emission of methane. With that and other initiatives, the farmers have already taken major steps in a more sustainable direction.

In addition, we are reducing food waste at our abattoirs by using the heat from the carcasses to heat water for cleaning, and the manure from the intestines for biogas production. Just to mention a few examples



Meating demands

At Danish Crown, we have always taken pride in being able to meet our customers’ demands with safe and high-quality products – now produced in a more sustainable way. Today, 90 percent of all pigs delivered to our Danish abattoirs are coming from farmers that follow the Climate Track and by 2021 we will reach a 100 percent. Doing so, the Danish farmers alongside Danish Crown’s Danish abattoirs have managed to lower the climate impact from producing pork by 25 percent compared to 2005.

Raised without antibiotics

Our Pure Pork pigs are held to an even higher standard as they are raised completely without antibiotics. Should the animal at some point need medicine, it is taken out of the Pure Pork programme and raised alongside our other pigs. That way, we are able to treat our customers to pigs with no antibiotics.

A trusted supplier to the UK foodservice sector

Danish Crown has been exporting bacon to England since 1887. It was our very first export market. Today, we are supplying the UK foodservice sector with safe and high-quality meat, made in a sustainable way, providing everything from Pure Pork, sausages, bacon and gammon. Our product range also includes beef and lamb.

We hold long-standing relations with British BBQ smokehouses and pubs, premium steakhouses, restaurants, retailers and a lot of other great people within the food industry. Visit our Food Service website to get to know more or contact us via generalenquiriesUK@danishcrown.com