Scan-Hide is a global market leader in premium quality Scandinavian raw hides and semi-finished products.

Scan-Hide is an integral part of the slaughterhouses value chain that handles and refines the cattle hides from Danish, Swedish and German slaughterhouses. The cattle skin is a by-product of the meat industry and is marketed to the global premium tanning market.

Scan-Hide refines the cattle skins to semi-finished products (wet-blue & wet-white), which is the first step in the tanning process for finished leather.

Revenue: Approx. DKK 700 m.

Employees: 135

Activities: Processing of hides, and sale to international tanning companies.

Locations: One plant for processing hides in Denmark (V. Skerninge) and one in Falkenberg, Sweden.

Ownership: 98,5%

Address: Industrivej 15, DK-5762 Vester Skerninge

Phone: +45 6224 1057