Danish Crown, Beef

Danish Crown Beef is one of Europe’s five largest cattle abattoirs. Danish Crown Beef is supplier of beef products to the European retail, food service and food industry. Danish Crown Beef is slaughtering according to modern principles, ensuring a high hygiene standard. We have highly trained employees and ensuring correct professional handling of the carcasses. We have an ambitious growth strategy and approx. 1000 employee ready, willing and able to deliver this.

Danish Crown, Pork

Danish Crown Pork has proud heritage going back to 1887, when the first Danish cooperative slaughterhouse was founded in Horsens. Exporting pork has always been the backbone of our business kicked off more than 130 years ago by the sale of bacon to the UK. Today Britain, Japan and China are our most important markets. We employ more than 8500 people and we run production sites in five European countries and one in China. Danish Crown Pork has a yearly turnover around 24 billion DKK and strives to be our customers preferred partner due to quality, flexibility and service.

Danish Crown Foods

Danish Crown Foods, Tulip Food Company A/S is a market-leader in food processing, the company produces and sells refined meat products - such as bacon, canned foods, salami, sausages, soups, cold cuts, and ready meats - to customers all over the world. 


Sokolow is Poland's strongest brand business within the meat sector. Sokolow is characterised by a high level of processing and produces a broad range of processed meat products based on own slaughterings of pigs and cattle as well as purchased raw materials. Sokolow sells the majority of its production in the Polish market. Exports, however, are on the increase. We employ more than 7,000 people at the offices and production sites. Sokołów has an annual turnover of 3,7 bn PLN (6,4 bn DKK). For many years, Sokołów Group has remained a forerunner of change and sets new standards in meat processing industry. Top quality raw materials used in production are mainly obtained by virtue of a lasting cooperation programmes with breeders. If you want to know more about Sokolow, please visit our website.


DAT-Schaub is the worldwide leader in sourcing, producing, warehousing, marketing and distributing natural and artificial casings and ingredients to the food industry. The DAT-Schaub Group employs approximately 2,000 employees primarily in Europe. Furthermore, the company is an active partner in two Chinese joint ventures with approximately 1,800 employees.
If you want to know more about DAT-Schaub, please visit our website.


ESS-FOOD A/S is the trading part of the Danish Crown family with app. 130 employees and representative offices in 11 countries throughout the world. We trade app. 420.000 tons of meat per year, which makes us one of the largest food-trading companies. Trading in almost 100 countries requires thorough knowledge about different cultures and customers. We see ourselves as much more than a supplier of different food products. Our goal is always to establish a value-adding partnership with our customers as well as our suppliers around the world. At the end trading is always a matter of trust. Read more about ESS-FOOD

KLS Ugglarps

KLS Ugglarps is a subsidiary of Danish Crown, which is one of the leading meat companies in Europe. KLS Ugglarps have a long tradition of producing Swedish quality food. With a strong focus on sustainable production, the company develop unique concepts in harmony with their customers. Through long-term cooperation with the farmers KLS Ugglarps contributes to create a profitable, efficient and sustainable value chain. KLS Ugglarps currently operates in four locations in Sweden and also owns two processed meat factories. The company has a clearly pronounced Swedish profile where 100% of all meat comes from Swedish animals and a Swedish production. KLS Ugglarps has approximately 1 500 employees and a turnover of 5,5 billion SEK. If you want to know more about KLS-Ugglarps, please visit www.klsugglarps.se

Group Functions

Group Functions covers cross-organisational functions such as Finance, IT, Procurement, Communication, HR and Legal. Transformation and business excellence are key elements in all these functions. They are instrumental in our strategy and support all of our business units as well as the Group as a whole. Group Functions are located primarily at our corporate headquarters in Randers, Denmark and consists of approx. 350 employees.

Example of projects in the Graduate Programme

In the Graduate Programme you will experience three rotations of eight months each, working in three different functions, such as Sales, Marketing or Production, in three different Danish Crown business units, which could include Danish Crown Foods, Danish Crown Pork, DAT-Schaub or Sokolow. The abroad rotation could be both in or outside Europe. We will take your preferences into account regarding the location and department of your placements, giving you the opportunity to really shape your future career. Together with the business and you, we will decide where your second and third rotation will be. It is important for us that it is the business’s needs and your wishes and qualifications that determines where your future take you. Examples of tasks and projects could be in the area of production processes, sales, M&A processes, growth & marketing strategies, process-optimizations, business controlling, business management, agricultural supply chain, operations finance and strategy in general. More specific it could be:

  • International production optimization
  • LEAN-implementation/support
  • Sales development management
  • Development and optimization of existing and new sales markets
  • Development of existing and new product categories
  • Strengthening the internal focus on the by-product production throughout the value chain
  • Work with Payroll systems and time study
  • Work balance improvement for one of basic lines
  • Work safety improvement in given department
  • How to win within new growth platforms, e.g. convenience
  • How to expand our market position within FMCG