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Two graduate tracks

The Graduate Programme offers two leadership tracks: Business leadership and Production leadership.

Business leadership

This track is aimed at candidates who are interested in management and business leadership in a more general sense. For example, you may wish to head up a sales team even though you’re not trained in this field. As a business graduate, you will be solving tasks that are critical to our business. We expect you’re keen to take the lead and enjoy learning from others.

Production leadership

This track is aimed at candidates who wish to become leaders at one of our production sites. To qualify for this track, you must have an interest within production and could have for example a degree in engineering, animal/food science, business or something else. As a production graduate, you will be solving tasks that are critical to our daily operations. For this track, we’re also looking for ambitious candidates who are keen to take the lead. And ‘learning by doing’ has to be an approach you enjoy.

Eight months abroad

As part of the programme, you will live and work abroad for eight months in one of our business units. Here you will broaden your perspective, gain international experience and learn about Danish Crown’s international challenges and opportunities. An onsite team will support you with day-to-day practicalities like housing and networking, and make sure that you have access to the right projects, tasks and teams.

Your development

The programme focuses on developing your leadership and project management skills. During the intense programme, you will sharpen your business acumen and strengthen your communication skills. You will attend regular trainings and workshops with your fellow graduates and improve your abilities within areas including project management, presentations techniques, production excellence, lean-thinking, business acumen and group dynamics. You will be stationed abroad for eight months and exposed to different cultures and international ways of doing business. And you will gain a hands-on understanding of how to succeed in an organization with a complex value chain with stakeholders ranging from farmers to food producers to consumers.

Individual career guidance

Our Graduate Programme is designed to meet your individual interests, ambitions and goals. To foster your talent and guide your career path as you go through the programme, you will hold one-on-one meetings and complete a tailored Performance Development Plan with your line manager. A mentor will coach, guide and spar with you throughout the programme.

Join our Graduate Programme and become one of our future leaders. With this programme , we're building a strong pipeline of high potentials that focuses on diversity and mobility across borders and business units.
- Jais Valeur, Group CEO.

Inspiring work environment

You will join a group of graduates at Danish Crown and you will support, help, guide and challenge each other. You are not alone – you will be supported in achieving professional and personal development from your line manager and dedicated mentor. We will also match you with a buddy, who will be a friendly face to help and guide you in everyday challenges. Your placements will involve daily, structured work, and strategic projects that you will work on in teams and independently. We have a very open, informal and involving team spirit in Danish Crown, where we are constantly inspiring and empowering each other to reach our full potential.

Leadership Principles

Our Leadership Principles are our roadmap that help guide leaders in their everyday behaviours and decision making. Our Leadership Principles call on Danish Crown’s core strengths and remind us to stay focused on the right targets. They help us build a more professional leadership culture and reach our short and long-term goals. In Danish Crown we have five Leadership Principles which are Dedicated to Results, Be an Ambassador, Together with Consumers and Customers, We are One Team & Develop and Empower People.

Who are you?

The Graduate Programme is perfect for you, if you want to become a future leader. We are looking for candidates who have graduated in the last two years or are about to graduate. We value any previous work experience that you might have, such as student jobs, voluntary work, internships or part-time work in any sector. You must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in a subject such as International Business, Food Science, Engineering, Communication, Psychology, Animal Science or something else. Most importantly, you will have ambition and drive to become a future leader combined with a broad business understanding and the motivation to gain influence and make a difference.

To become part of Danish Crown it is also important that you:

  • are curious, independent, outgoing and embrace diversity
  • have an international and enthusiastic mindset
  • act as an ambassador – you can build relationships with stakeholders through open dialogue and transparent processes. You act responsibly with integrity and respect for all stakeholders and are proud to be part of Danish Crown
  • have a drive towards results, seek innovative solutions and act on them
  • understand that by working together and utilizing core strengths across departments and teams, we can strengthen the way we meet customer and consumer needs - now and in the future

To join you must possess:

  • Newly graduated in the last two years
  • A Bachelor’s or Master's degree (or are about to finish a degree)
  • Relevant work experience is appreciated
  • Excellent analytical, communication, and English skills (it’s not a necessity that you speak Danish)

An opportunity to experience the entire value chain

With our Graduate Programme you can have the opportunity to experience the entire value chain in Danish Crown. The Danish Crown Group is unique in that we have an integrated and full value chain. This starts with our farmer owners – the livestock producers that supply our raw material – and extends to abattoirs, and to ingredients, processed food and trading businesses, and, finally, consumers. We are cooperatively owned and operate in more than 130 markets worldwide. Our businesses create innovative foods within fresh meat, bacon, pizza toppings, snacks, sausages, ready meals and canned products. In all parts of the value chain, our focus is on food and feeding the world.

Develop a great business know-how

You will work with projects and tasks in three different functions. You have the opportunity to meet and work with these Business Units in the programme.

Learn more about our organization and business units here

Example of projects in the Graduate Programme

In the Graduate Programme you will experience three rotations of eight months each, working in three different functions, such as Sales, Marketing or Production, in three different Danish Crown business units, which could include Danish Crown Foods, Danish Crown Pork, DAT-Schaub or Sokolow. The abroad rotation could be both in or outside Europe. We will take your preferences into account regarding the location and department of your placements, giving you the opportunity to really shape your future career.

Together with the business and you, we will decide where your second and third rotation will be. It is important for us that it is the business’s needs and your wishes and qualifications that determines where your future take you. Examples of tasks and projects could be in the area of production processes, sales, M&A processes, growth & marketing strategies, process-optimizations, business controlling, business management, agricultural supply chain, operations finance and strategy in general. More specific it could be:

  • International production optimization
  • LEAN-implementation/support
  • Sales development management
  • Development and optimization of existing and new sales markets
  • Development of existing and new product categories
  • Strengthening the internal focus on the by-product production throughout the value chain
  • Work with Payroll systems and time study
  • Work balance improvement for one of basic lines
  • Work safety improvement in given department
  • How to win within new growth platforms, e.g. convenience
  • How to expand our market position within FMCG