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    DAT-Schaub A/S

    DAT-Schaub A/S is one of the world's largest casings producers with sales to market across the World.

    The company is responsible for the handling of hog casings at all Danish pig slaughterhouses and at slaughterhouses in Germany, Sweden, Poland, UK, France, and in the USA.

    DAT-Schaub has subsidiaries in Germany, France, China, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England, USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Estonia.

    Key Figures

    Turnover: DKK 3.7 bn.

    Employees: 1,700

    Activities: Production and sales of natural and artificial casings, ingredients, packaging as well as machinery to global markets.

    Departments: 39 plants for production of casings and ingredients in Denmark, Germany, Portugal, France, USA, China, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand, and Estonia.

    Ownership share: 100 %

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